Monday, September 12, 2005

As beautiful and different as they come.
Turns out that art is not objective,
rather it is the subjective way it makes you feel.

Today an experience on board the Adventure Cat on San Francisco Bay
gave me something solidly incomprehensible to deal with. Could be
the memories of this day will come back again and again with new
shades and coloring.

To feel the sense of people without objectifying and classifying.
To feel the wonderful sense of festival.
To feel the glowing radiant connection to ritual.
To understand that being a part of something so huge is comical
when that same understanding gets scrutinized in the big picture of things.

The food, the blessings, the throwing overboard hundreds of statues of
Ganesh and the special blessing I received by placing in the water a Ganesh
perhaps the most prayed over one by a family who I noticed placed very special energy to the one they brought on board. They did not want to throw it in the water and requested that I walk out the back of the catamaran, down steps to the ocean. Skipper Hans told me to put on a life vest. I opened the gate, walked down the steps and placed quickly two statues of Ganesh into the ocean......I will remember this for a long time and the blessing of these people is mine as well as all who give it sense of belonging. To know that this sort of unknown experience belongs to all is perhaps the best kept cultural secret. A sacred act belongs to all, all the time, forever.

Forgiveness and clearing the slate at this time of the year is a very fascinating
cultural artifact stretching over more than a century. This festival, which oddly enough,
is credited with bringing the Indian culture the strength to unravel the British hold
upon their motherland has for me today taken on a new study for meaning.

Signposts, mileposts, accomplishments, freedoms going forward, all of this makes
up a bitter-sweet texture to my life. Not all of them have been positive. I have fallen
flat so many times, but at every turn, I found that my life is a flow and somewhere along
the line I have placed into play the value of memory as a gift; which when focused over the long and winding road of my many adventures flows behind me like a satin vale occasionally striking the light of day into some new colorful hue.

Being in the company of 65 Hindus, floating under the Golden Gate Bridge, throwing statues of Ganesh into the water is a memory for which I will one day understand the full significance.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Dreams Dreamt in Time
Flower Gardens of the Mind
For over Time
Richness dare not tread upon
Sorrow’s loss
At long last Balance Continues

Richness dare not tread upon
Sorrow’s loss
Not in the morning after
Not in the day before
Not in the depth of forever

Richness dare not tread upon
Sorrow’s loss

Richness dare not tread upon
Sorrow’s loss
Bare to the soul and naked to the bone

Richness dare not tread upon
Sorrow’s loss

Richness dare not tread upon
Sorrow’s loss

Tuesday, May 07, 2002


I learned unbelievable amounts from you tonight.
You are very honest with your emotions. That's a fact.
I am not. Yet, I am amazed that when we get on a nuance where
we plumb both sides, we are nearly inverted, like ac/dc.
Yet wonderful.

I fail to recognize over and over again how sensitive you are.
Makes sense when I really think about it. In orgasm you are so incredibly sensitive.

It is fascinating that we can both be on a subject and see it from so many sides, yet never ever agree.

I still believe we are the ebb and the flow. The sparks happen during slack tide and the rest of the time we are uncertain. I can only imagine what it would be like to have you in my arms once again.
Merde. The fight would likely continue, until we settled into a peaceful sleep in each others arms.

Thank you for this night. I was able to fully see that the dance has not ended, yet the band has gone home for the night.

Sweet dreams of flying machines and confusion on the run.


Monday, April 15, 2002

The Bay is incredibly restless tonight. My boat is being thrown to and fro. today the wind was blowilng like somethilng was wrong. Something wrong in the universal sense of things

Set my alarm, fell asleep.
Woke just in time.
To make the Bulletproof Boat Party. Very sweet.

Markie of Wicked fame spun. Very wonderful.

Many beautiful people. Very incredible value.


Sunday, January 27, 2002

My lifetime friend, David Kirbs, died today. I feel better about his death than I thought I would. Perhaps it is the increasingly close reality of my own which makes me more comfortable with David's.

David was a bodhisattwa for me. Whenever I was around him he was in the process of enlightening me in some way which usually proved to be something that came at just the right time. I often attempted to return the favor to David, but it seemed not to take with him. That is why I think he was a true bodhisattwa. The first time I took acid was with David. It was a snowy night in Eugene around 1971. David was deep into the psychedelic scene in Eugene. I remember the army coat he used to wear with his round hippy glasses. He was turned on, tuned in and definitely dropping out. Were it not for his long time companinon and wife, I think David would have left the world in the seventies ala Janis Joplin or Hendricks.

David was all heart. Whatever was going on in his personal life, he tended to leave it aside for the need to connect with his bretheren. It is turly hard to measure the value of David's life. He left behind few possessions, but for every thing lacking in this regard, David left behind the vision and hope that we can live our lives fully flowing. David turned me onto a book called the Holographic Universe. As it turned out, much of what I understand about the working of things came from grokking the author's vision of the world. David had this non-judgemental way of dealing with possibility. Perhaps it all started with this understanding and allowed David the spiritual strength to fully awaken in the next domain. I know for certain that David is right now in a very beautiful place, awakening to the next Chapter.

Saturday, January 19, 2002

Logged in late,
So much absolute change these days.
Digital shadows shade my
Multi-tasking static.

My notion is to decompress,
relax, float downstream.

Monday, March 19, 2001

It's been a long time.
Since New Years.
Wow, so much accleration
in the area of global change.
Will the artists be
able to come back to the
city from which they sprang?
This Post Dot. com depression
has saddened the entire area.
Will content come to save the
day? In time, perhaps. But
tell that to those lights of creativity
who have been waiting for the
real thing, real collectors
of content. Some how the
artist will gain the ability to
encrypt content with an
expiration, self destruct
mechanism that does the same
if an attempt is being made to copy
it in any fashion.

What do you think?
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