Monday, September 12, 2005

As beautiful and different as they come.
Turns out that art is not objective,
rather it is the subjective way it makes you feel.

Today an experience on board the Adventure Cat on San Francisco Bay
gave me something solidly incomprehensible to deal with. Could be
the memories of this day will come back again and again with new
shades and coloring.

To feel the sense of people without objectifying and classifying.
To feel the wonderful sense of festival.
To feel the glowing radiant connection to ritual.
To understand that being a part of something so huge is comical
when that same understanding gets scrutinized in the big picture of things.

The food, the blessings, the throwing overboard hundreds of statues of
Ganesh and the special blessing I received by placing in the water a Ganesh
perhaps the most prayed over one by a family who I noticed placed very special energy to the one they brought on board. They did not want to throw it in the water and requested that I walk out the back of the catamaran, down steps to the ocean. Skipper Hans told me to put on a life vest. I opened the gate, walked down the steps and placed quickly two statues of Ganesh into the ocean......I will remember this for a long time and the blessing of these people is mine as well as all who give it sense of belonging. To know that this sort of unknown experience belongs to all is perhaps the best kept cultural secret. A sacred act belongs to all, all the time, forever.

Forgiveness and clearing the slate at this time of the year is a very fascinating
cultural artifact stretching over more than a century. This festival, which oddly enough,
is credited with bringing the Indian culture the strength to unravel the British hold
upon their motherland has for me today taken on a new study for meaning.

Signposts, mileposts, accomplishments, freedoms going forward, all of this makes
up a bitter-sweet texture to my life. Not all of them have been positive. I have fallen
flat so many times, but at every turn, I found that my life is a flow and somewhere along
the line I have placed into play the value of memory as a gift; which when focused over the long and winding road of my many adventures flows behind me like a satin vale occasionally striking the light of day into some new colorful hue.

Being in the company of 65 Hindus, floating under the Golden Gate Bridge, throwing statues of Ganesh into the water is a memory for which I will one day understand the full significance.