Sunday, January 27, 2002

My lifetime friend, David Kirbs, died today. I feel better about his death than I thought I would. Perhaps it is the increasingly close reality of my own which makes me more comfortable with David's.

David was a bodhisattwa for me. Whenever I was around him he was in the process of enlightening me in some way which usually proved to be something that came at just the right time. I often attempted to return the favor to David, but it seemed not to take with him. That is why I think he was a true bodhisattwa. The first time I took acid was with David. It was a snowy night in Eugene around 1971. David was deep into the psychedelic scene in Eugene. I remember the army coat he used to wear with his round hippy glasses. He was turned on, tuned in and definitely dropping out. Were it not for his long time companinon and wife, I think David would have left the world in the seventies ala Janis Joplin or Hendricks.

David was all heart. Whatever was going on in his personal life, he tended to leave it aside for the need to connect with his bretheren. It is turly hard to measure the value of David's life. He left behind few possessions, but for every thing lacking in this regard, David left behind the vision and hope that we can live our lives fully flowing. David turned me onto a book called the Holographic Universe. As it turned out, much of what I understand about the working of things came from grokking the author's vision of the world. David had this non-judgemental way of dealing with possibility. Perhaps it all started with this understanding and allowed David the spiritual strength to fully awaken in the next domain. I know for certain that David is right now in a very beautiful place, awakening to the next Chapter.