Saturday, October 07, 2000

Last night went out to Jelly's for the
heaven party. Great sets
by CB, Gath , ETI, Mark Y. It is
a crew I like to catch up with every once in
awhile. Dancing to an inpromptu visit
by Crash Worship. All in all very cool.

Friday, October 06, 2000

Sometimes living in the city can be trying.

Sometimes it can be just outright crazy
and resemble an out-take of some
popular night time TV show.

Last night my boy Ray and I were out on the
city, living large as we tend to do once a week
or so. We were returning to our boats after closing
down the International on Columbus. As we were
walking down the middle of the street this
police car comes slowly down the hill with just its
running lights on. He passed us and we kept walking
home. Then out of the corner of our eye I see the
car has come back and is stopping. The two offiers
both Asian, jump out of the car.

Ray had his hands up just to show he was unarmed.
I just stood there dumb founded while the officer
walked over and started getting huffy with me.

He asked for my ID. I told him Ieft it on the boat
and then he proceeds to threaten me I think.
I am going to have to get clarification from Ray on
this, but I believe he did say he could shoot me.. ..and
I do remember saying to him "go ahead". At which
point I could see the female officer who up to this
moment had remained in the background begin
to look concerned about this moment of machismo.

Asking the guy to shoot me changed the whole drama
into my movie. At that point they let us go. As they got
back into their car, I broke out at the top of my lungs,
OOOOH SAY CAN YOU SEE........(you see it is penant
time in SF. We are playing the Mets. One game to one.

Chalk up one for Ken Kesey whose greatest contribution
to modern living has been the concept of 'getting them into
your movie before they get you into theirs.' After all, it
is your movie and last night this was a take out of mine.