Saturday, October 28, 2000

So much going on right now.
Praise to Hari Thomas for making so many
new possibilities come to pass. In fact,
let me say that my daughter is
extremely influential in the change that I
feel going on all around me.
So is Nicole. She pushes my
buttons. Am stimulated by the
possibilities of the future, in so many ways.

San Francisco is just such a
town. The trend here toward the
imagination economy is beginnning to
extend its hand.

Am putting together an exhibition
of mudra art. This is a collection of art
and media from around the world.
Mudras are icons of meditative continuums.

that is the way you can look at them.
More on this later.....

Thursday, October 26, 2000

My boom box is spitting
out the words, "I am up in Heaven"
Yesterday, on the bay we had
another beautiful sail. Storm
clouds all around the bay as exciting
as a storm on the desert with shafts
of rain coming down in very focused

Returned to my email late in the day
to receive a very puzzling email from
the fellow I am dealing with on a big investment.
Am excited about hearing what he has to
say as he said he could not put it in writing.