Sunday, December 31, 2000

It is New Years Eve once again.

Sunny days followed by mellow nights
of deep thumping bass along side the
San Francisco Bay. That is the night

As they closed the Asian Art Museum today they beat the
Japanese bell 108 times. Over in Oakland competing camps
of Dead followers are reveling in association.
I am waiting for the party to begin at Mission Rock where the
Divas of house music are gathering to shake and shimmer to
the pulssating rythmic beats. At the Bill Graham, Nabiel and Martel
are hosting the fashionable and a girl called Grey. Love her I do.
Private parties glitter the city. Despite the down turn in optimism,
the city is still booging on. San Francisco, hip hip hooray!

Imagine this picture if you will. Your eyes are at bay level.
There is a brilliant sunset going on. The sun is setting right
in the middle of the Golden Gate. As it hits the sea, a sail
boat cuts right across the middle of the sun. Right out of Peter
Max. This happened on our Tuesday sail and no one aboard
had a camera.

To all of you, increased momentum in all that you do.