Saturday, December 16, 2000

last night went to see Lost At Last.
Second time for me. They are sweet
kids. As time goes by, I am getting
more sensitive to the venue. This event
was held at the 7th note in San Francisco.
Sorry to report it is one of the worst run
clubs I have ever been to in this fair city.

They really don't have a clue. Perhaps it
is not really all their fault as the
police and the liquor board are exacting
a real cost to the beauty of entertainment in
this city. I truly want to work towards some
sort of betterment in this areas of our culture.

Lost At Last would be best heard out of doors
on a large piece of land and followed by a ripping
all nighter. If I ever was to get their ear on this I would
have a thing or two to say.

Peace, over and out