Tuesday, December 26, 2000

....went out tonight on a lonely Christmas
Eve. There were others out there like me. Not
commited to being anywhere in particular.

Today achieved minor continuation on
my scratchboard. Feels like there is still
much to do.

I could ask you what the most interesting
thing was which you encountered today.

It was definitely the views from Lincoln Park.
Glorious day in San Francisco, where everything
is so beautifully illuminated, that it all feels like art.

Another footnote. All of a sudden I find myself
surround by Keltic music, Keltic notions, keltic spirals.

There is power in being free. That's why we must be
free. The freer a person, the more liberated they will be.
This is true of every single human being on the planet.

Liberatiion and Art are two of a kind. Once we dance,
once we find the release that comes with surrender,
we find that Liberation and Art are at once the same.

There is a way to tap into the creative force.
.....tomorrow may never be the same again.
Living in San Francisco, you definitely get this feeling.
Everyday is a new adventure. As Rev. Michael Goldsun
has said, "Living in San Francisco, you never know when you
open the door in the morning, whether or not there will be a parade
flowing by."