Friday, October 13, 2000

Did you ever wonder what would
happen if you just began writing
whatever came into your head.
Would you soon digress into black
and white memories? I have been
on a beautiful high since yesterday when
Greg and I journeyed up to Harbin
Hot Springs.

The light was incredible all day.
This was followed by the fattest
Harvest Moon rising over the
Bay Bridge just as I returned home.

This was preceeded by a voluntary
decision to carry on with my own art.
I am going to be forced to get out
and look for a place to sell my small
art pieces. Tomorrow, I tell myself.
It is time put energy into this.

Art Daily, morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre
art daily

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Art Daily is a mantra I adopted some
years back to support my addiction
to a daily dose of art and artistic living.

One of my future forward visions is
to raise Art Daily to a new level of
syndicated content production. There
is so much art of every kind going on
in this city. The creativity overflows
into every corner. Life is so incredibly
full for me these days. The ability to
balance the creativity of the city with
my own perceptions is tantamount to
continuum tripping.

Continuum Tripping is going to become
the new methodology for dealing with the
overflowing imaginations that more and
more of us are experiencing now that the
Aquarian Age is fully flowering.

For me continuum tripping is an art form.
It has come to become the most useful
tool for balancing my perception. Art Daily
is a maha continuum. As a mantra it trips
open renewed possibilities. Art Daily is a
free mantra. Add a bit of it to your own

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Bounce is the name of the game when
comes to electronica.

Today the beauty was perceived at the
level of the bay. The flat light subtely
illuminating the rest of the bay.

We sailed counterclockwise around
Angel Is. slurping Anchor Steam..
Beautiful sail indeed.
Some would call it late.
Others would call it early.
I call it rocky.
Such is the moment of
my night upon the San
Francisco Bay. This harbor
is tough on boats. Especially
mine. I am considering filling
up the boat with water so she
sits better in the water . The
sacrifice is moisture versus
stability. Better yet, I think I
will simply go away for the Winter
and not deal at all with the surge.
Storms come out of Alaska and
I feel them here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

There is a rule of thumb
in the world of pre-ipo's.
that one should not be
the seller and the one
doing the due diligence
wrapped up in some sheeps

tonight I am beset with a
myriad of new ideas. So many in
fact, I am poorly recording them.
The bane of this creativity is
giving it some sort of form or
substance. I live in a town where
the whispers of creativity are

There is a WIRED party
on Thursday. Would love to
go if anyone can swing me an
invite . Worked all day on the banners
for this party. They are going to
look great.

Sunday, October 08, 2000

Today we had a whole cool crew out on
the SF Bay on Aaron and Jen's boat....
Aaron has purchased the ring. My girl
left me today because, it is obvious that
our relationship does not stand up....such
a day it was,

The Blue Angels were marvelous from the
vantage point of the bay. So many boats out on
the bay. The action was very thick.

The most artistic thing I witnessed today was
instant clouds created by the blue angel's
as they curved around us at astonighing speeds.